Say His Name, Say Her Shame: Tulsa Oklahoma Cop Betty Shelby Charged With First Degree Manslaughter Of TERENCE CRUTCHER

It’s the law of physics: Two of any persons, places, or things done (or said) can’t occupy the same space at the same exact time.

When in a civilian situation, when an officer in one frame of mind is suggesting use of Taser; another (in another frame of mind) could be thinking of doing something else. That ‘something’ ultimately caused the death of another—removing him from this life, space and time.

Such is life for Tulsa Oklahoma officer Betty Shelby who, equipped with a Taser, was just seconds behind being advised to use it to apprehend “big bad dude” Terence Crutcher, causing his death.


Instead, she chose led.



Just a couple days later, that very decision is what lead to (possibly) her freedom and (probably) her career’s demise. This just in: Betty Shelby was charged with first degree manslaughter in the senseless death of Terence Crutcher the ‘big bad due’ who merely needing road service-not to be made road kill. Terence Crutcher was his name. He was  big man, a twin brother, a son, a dad and a churchgoing man whose only crime was a broken down Lincoln Navigator on the middle lines of a street who minutes later, was gunned down by an overzealous female cop who crossed the line both ways.


Duly noted, when a press conference was given, obviously the reaching began: Reaching on behalf of law enforcement in search of a reason to justify pulling the trigger on a man who showed no obvious signs of aggression.

Reason: ‘He reached into his car’ / ‘He reached for something’ [sic]

Unfortunately, the bold face lie knee jerk assumption tossed up as fact (that Crutcher reached into his car which prompted Betty Shelby to shoot) got tossed when Twitter meme cops zoomed right in on the rolled up window splattered with the blood of the victim who lay rolled up in front of his vehicle door on the ground dead.

That photo eliminated that excuse for reason to shoot the man. The window was rolled up and the door was completely shut.

As well, out goes the window Shelby’s later statement that she “thought” Crutcher was on PCP.

Whether he was on PCP or not, he wasn’t acting aggressively nor did he charge at any officers.

Now however, the officer is charged-rightfully so.


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