TRU-NADA: First Man Contracts HIV While On The “90%-Proof” HIV Prevention Pill “PrEP” (A.K.A ‘ TRUVADA ‘)


As a woman (who, by the way is against government governing women’s womb) still, for that reasons-knowing I wouldn’t even push/promote advocating birth control), there’s NO way I’d push/promote any testimonial for an HIV-form of birth control just the same.

glitter gold starGranted, grown people can do what they want to do with their bodies. Healthy discourse from all sides of talk about sex, is healthy. As an influencer, knowing that because there still is a possibility of the incurable, I steer clear from talking about a ‘positive outcome’ of something that many at a Russian roulette’s chance can be unlucky and left with.

No ma’am-I would not want that on my conscience…


TRUVADA TESTINGBecause considering the seriousness of an incurable disease like HIV (by which still-one can live a long life having), as a media influencer and woman myself (who by in large contract HIV heterosexually in greater numbers than men); I’d rather stick to the talk of prevention of—not a form of “HIV birth control” for and this is JUST the reason why.DV-cover-01-31-14C

Reportedly, the other “little blue pill” [the drug] Truvada (said to reduce the contracting HIV by 90%) failed to do what it is marketed to do.

After taking Truvada for 24 months, a 43 year-old Toronto man (having sex with other men) is the first reported newly infected despite the drug claiming to make one resistant to the virus.

As well, note that a series of tests over time and are said to be one of the stipulations of being a candidate for taking Truvada. That being the case, the man had to have been HIV neg before being granted to prescription.


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