TRINA BRAXTON’s Ex: GABE SOLIS Says BRAXTON Sisters Make Fun of Their Fans Behind Their Backs

BraxtonsWomenIf Gabe-the ex-husband of Trina Braxton (slash) ex-bro in law of the other Braxton sisters would have it (and tell it), the sisters of Braxton Family Values hold their fans (and Trina’s annoying ‘nickname’ for a bunch of adults: her “Boom Booms”) in low regard. (As well, if what he says is true, that would mean “Toni’s Tigers” too, is much apart of these women’s lambs being lead to slaughter behind the pixels).

Although this isn’t the first time Gabe Solis, newly divorced from the younger Braxton sister just (Trina) just this month-dropped the G’s on the Braxton Family; but the moment he was officially unshackled from them (and trashed by them on the show) he dropped the kind of G’s most valuable to the Braxton family’s fans: About how badly they talk about them from behind them.

Last week brought Trina and Gabe’s marriage problems to the forefront as Trina asserted she was fed up with the drama. Shortly after the show’s airing, Gabe was involved in a social media snafu with their fans that while in-he held no punches: informing them all that the Braxton’s often make fun of them behind closed doors.

Tap in and check out the exchange for yourself:

trina_braxton_gabe_solis_in_therapy-1With regard to that first time (2011) Gabe dropped some G’s on the Braxton family girls and their values: According to him, these were the G’s he dropped on them—to another girl was alleged to be cheating on Trina with:

  • The Braxton father talks about Trina behind her back
  • Trina performed oral sex on a (male) member of her band
  • Vince beats Tamar
  • Andre car jacked Toni’s care before
  • Gabe slept with one of Trina’s family members (but the girl never specified who)

In addition to all this, the girl posted videos of Gabe masturbating on Skype, then posted this video to prove her relationship with him—which is no longer available of course:



Play with all that as you wish.

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