Trading Places: SERENA WILLIAMS Replaces Tennis Nemesis MARIA SHARAPOVA As Highest Paid Female Athlete—Same Day MELDONIUM Doping Suspension Made Public

Unless truly warranted, or earned and deserved, someone else’s demise, setback or downfall shouldn’t be someone else’s pleasure (or rise).

Karma, time (and in the movies) however, it has always turns out that that the underdog always wins somehow, somewhere—(especially if, on, or over: they’ve been picked, and around: they’ve been kicked).

Other than imagined, although we highly doubt there is any real enmity between Sharapova and Williams. No doubt, however, the people on the outside looking in have assumed and created it.

Regardless, off top, stranger things haven’t happened in the realm of trading places than for Serena Williams to not only made the cover of Glamour Mag, but on the very day she, reportedly, is said to be the highest paid female athlete, her (rumored) arch nemesis (who, at one time was the highest paid female athlete), is officially being suspended for doping.

Serena and Billie Jean King Ladies Single Match French Open June 2016

Russian tennis star, Maria Sharapova, 29, is reportedly being suspended (possibly dating the suspension back to January 26, 2016) for doping-after being tested positive for meldonium.

Meldonium was banned earlier this year-around the same time Sharapova was tested (at tennis‘ Australian Open).

Maria Sharapova doping press conference

Reportedly, when she submitted a sample for drug testing, she


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