Today’s Birthday Girl BLUE IVY Takes Photo Op Sure To Please Wildlife Officials This Time: Of Mom BEYONCE, Dad JAY Z And A…Tourist


10895214_430817707075332_296457864_nWhile the Carters make their way around the world with the daughter, leave it up the animal right activists to wrinkle the happy family’s fur.

Pictures are surfing around the Internet of today’s birthday girl: Blue Ivy feeding a baby tiger while she along with her famous mom Beyonce, and famous dad Jay Z, are making memories and excursions around South East Asia.

Regardless of how sweet it is to be fed by Blue, while a pleasant-face Beyonce looked on and a nearly frightened-face Jay Z watched-fretfully. It didn’t take too long before the World Animal Protection Organization to bite:

“Many tourists unwittingly contribute to the suffering of wild animals like these. They’re simply not aware that their ‘once in a lifetime’ photo means a lifetime of misery for that animal.”

According to Wildlife Protection, these animals are beaten and forced into this kind of submission such that a photo of this type was [most probably] made possible because of [abuse]-and that unfortunately, the public (and Beyonce and Jay Z) are very unaware of the things wild animals go through when taken from their natural (wild) environments and put into environments for tourist attractions. Unfortunately, it is a side we will never see.

They add (and suggest):

“I urge anyone who is thinking about posing with a wild animal to watch World Animal Protection’s video to learn the facts before they book their next vacation. Once people know the truth, they can take action to end this cruelty by choosing to see wild animals in the wild where they belong.”

I can’t say that I don’t agree and often think about that when I’m visiting the zoo and other tourist attractions and am in awe of wild animals-despite never having gotten close one such that I fed it.10665523_420311438116035_1620409811_n

Unfortunately, as human beings looking to expand passport punches and artistic and cultural horizons, often times we don’t understand the goings on behind things like such-for our mere pleasure.

Wildlife’s Dr. Jan Schmidt-Burbach states:

“the animals are caged, abused, and shouldn’t be used for photo ops/their health and well-being should not be sacrificed for a photo opportunity.”


I guess it’s the same thing for Blue’s famous parents-caged in their own worlds in which, when they come out-hundreds upon hundreds of humans flock to them for—photo ops too.

Well, lets enjoy the birthday girl doing something Wildlife officials would find less harmless: Her taking a photo op of her famous parents (along with some guy over to the right who too, was most probably a “tourists” / fan).Blue Snaps Photo_



LoL. In that 2nd/middle photo, Jay Z’s looking almost chastised- and put up to it, as if we wants to say (in his own cracked voice): *Sorry*

It’s just ooozing off the pic.



Happy Birthday Blue!


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