TLC “Aint To Proud To Beg” (Or Bait?) TBOZ Disses Fan Who Questions Promised Album Drop After Having Secured Crowd Fund Monies

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tlc7No fcks and  “Tender Loving Care” was hardly given when 1/3 of the Aint To Proud To Beg group member “TLC” ’s (TBoz)  was caught out there dissing a fan who decided to check up on the almost half million dollars raised via an online crowd funding site where (this past January) the 90s supergroup/trio less its deceased member-Lisa “Left Eye” Lopez (pictured left/middle/red hat), promised the fans a new album provided they could reach their modest funding goal—far exceeded.

Be careful what you ask for because you just might get it, because much to their surprise, the surviving members (TBoz and ChiltbOZ AND FANli) bypassed that funding goal twice over. As a result of, (and 4201 backer having pledged a total of $430,255) the monies were released to the girls and still-no album as yet.

Taking into consideration, since then (and scheduled/planned/in action) before the crowd funding site was set up; the girls had gone out on tour with Nelly and NKOTB. That since, has ended.

With the exception of appearances for her sickle cell foundation, by which TBoz was promotes and tours on, apparently, there were no (literal) notes begun on an album (and no notes to toll their reason for no album progress as yet, either).


All that considered, a fan took to Twitter to ask TBoz just what the ETA was on getting that album out: “TBoz where is my money? Yall owe me $5 for that Kickstarter album.




TBoz’s replied: “Call Kickstarter and tell em yo give it bk

Needless to say, the less than pleasant reply sparked a Twitter trending called #TLCIsGoingToJail where countless fans took to Twitter with meme quips amok:






This whole thing is CERTAINLY “unpretty” indeed.



Did you know that “Unpretty” inadvertently got inked in one of my books? Turn here to page 327 to see how!

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