TIMBALAND Protege TINK Releases Debut Album Cover Art

Lots of buzz has been swarming around Timbaland’s Chicago-bred rapping protégé Tink.

So far, the Ratchet Commandments rapper has owned up to, and made believers of the hype she’s gotten thus far.


As we all know, the late R&B singer Aaliyah’s personal and professional relationship with the phenom producer Timbaland] is something he remains fiercely protective of.

I don’t touch any of my sister’s records. I don’t touch Baby Girl’s records—you know that’s Aaliyah. I was riding home one day, sleep. She spoke to me in my sleep and said, ‘She’s the one.’ ”


So when a remix of Aaliyah’s One in a Million

…[was produced by Timbaland] and rapped + released by Tink, people were all ears—and neither Timbaland or Tink disappointed.

Production-wise, it embodied the sound of “remixing” a song with precision-like turning a pair of jeans inside out: Not too far a deviation from the original song that it sounds completely different yet, still doing its own thing [on the “flip” side].

As well, considering the fact that One in a Million was sang by singer Aaliyah, to have rapped the remix and kept the same meaning/undertone of the song’s lyrics was too, what it truly meant to “remix” a song-it worked like magic [and simply titled: “Million”].

The time cometh and Tink’s full debut is up to bat.



With that being the case, her album’s cover art was released [and titled] #ThinkTink.

Check it out:TinkDebutCover

Will it indeed hold all the magic of Tink and Timbaland as anticipated and due out this summer?



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