The Curious Case of Why Several in BOBBI KRISTINA’s Social Circle Have Died of Heroin Overdoses In Past Year + 3 Weeks After BOBBI KRISTINAs Drowning NICK GORDON Secretly Recorded Giving Details of Their Massive Drug Use That Night

Most recently, since the lawsuit was filed on Nick (among other things) regarding the $11k taken from Bobbi Kristina’s account, Nick’s brother-aspiring rapper Jack Walker stepped forward to explain the missing money and missing teeth (alleged to have been a factor in the state of which Bobbi Kristina was found).

He reported to Star Magazine “The $11,000 Nick transferred paid for his 10 lawyers. He didn’t just steal it; Whitney left them both money, and he and Krissi had a joint account.”


With regard to the claims that Nick grabbed Bobbi Kristina by her hair and knocked her teeth out (Walker defends):

That’s all bulls**t. If that was true, the cops would have noticed visible injuries on Nick’s hands. He had none. Krissi lost some teeth a week prior to the incident when she totaled her Lexus” (although it was reported that she was in a Jeep Liberty at the time of the accident).


Between the six degrees of separation (that I will elaborate on shortly) and this tragedy with Bobbi Kristina v. Nick Gordon, the soap opera has more twists and turns than As The World Turns.

Reports surfaced that just three weeks after Bobbi Kristina was found unresponsive in a bath tub, a family member secretly recorded Nick in a phone conversation which too, will be admissible in the case as, Georgia is a 1 party state meaning-two or more parties have to be forewarned (and heard) stating the conversation is being recorded.

Well in the recording, Nick blames Bobbi Kristina’s drowning on the drugs they were doing: “I’ll tell you the honest truth, Krissy, she was under a lot of stress and we were all doing drugs and you know, all, all drinking, bro.”


Although he may not have an aversion to pools and hot tubs, he went on to say this:

She just did too much man. She, listen, listen bro. I will officially stay from bath tubs forever, I’ll tell you that.

With regard to people thinking he tried to kill her he had this to say:

When Krissy wakes up she’ll tell the truth to everybody. Everybody will feel stupid as f****. You know Krissy got in an accident 2 days before this happened and the man is in critical condition right now.”

He then had a warning for the family saying [quote] “If they take her off that life support, the police are going to have to take me down bro.”


Bobbi Kristina


In addition to this saga-continuing soap opera, the six-degrees of separation is uncanny.

As you may (or may not have) heard, Bobbi Kristina’s alleged drug dealer (himself) just died—of a drug overdose this past Monday.

Just a few months ago, Stepho had gone on record stating he used to help Bobbi Kristina and Nick Gordon get drugs but not regularly.

via Radar Online:

A source close to Stepho told Radar that his “family and friends suspect it was a drug overdose,” and that the 22-year-old had a fatal relapse after trying to turn his life around. “He’s been on the path to sobriety for a while — attending AA meetings — but they believe that he fell back into using heroin or with mixing it,” the source said. Radar confirmed Stepho’s death with the Fulton County Medical Examiner’s office, who have yet to determine the exact cause of death pending results of a toxicology test, expected in about two weeks, as it’s being conducted in a private lab.


It doesn’t stop there.


Just last year, Bobbi Kristina (pictured here) with two of her friends, lost one of those friends (a 20 year-old John’s Creek woman-aspiring actress Chelsea Bennett-right) to a heroin overdose-administered by another drug dealer in their social circle named Cory Ben Hanania.



Hanania 21, (still living) accepted a plea deal that sent him straight to prison without a trial. It was said that he administered the lethal dose of heroin to Chelsea and waiting 10 hours before calling 911 and she died March 3, 2014 in the bedroom Hanania’s parent’s home.



Additionally 2 other men: Sebastian Andrade and Kevin McCaffrey, also face charges related to Bennett’s death. McCaffrey is serving a four-year sentence for his role in selling the heroin to Andrade, Bennett and Ben-Hanania. Andrade’s accepted the plea deal that put him on probation only.



WBSTV’s Mike Petchenik reported:

An Alpharetta man will spend more than a decade in prison after pleading guilty for his role in the heroin-related death of a former friend.

Just as lawyers were prepared to mount his defense to a jury, Cory Ben-Hanania, 21, opted to plead guilty to involuntary manslaughter, reckless conduct and distribution of heroin. The negotiated plea deal means he’ll spend 12 years of a 20-year sentence in prison.  

Ben-Hanania was facing life in prison if convicted of felony murder.

Prosecutors contend Ben-Hanania injected his friend, Chelsea Bennett, with a lethal dose of heroin during a night of consensual drug use last March, and then failed to call 911 when the aspiring actress overdosed in the bedroom of his parents’ Alpharetta home.

Two other men, Sebastian Andrade and Kevin McCaffrey, previously took plea deals. McCaffrey is serving a 4-year sentence for selling the heroin to Andrade, Bennett and Ben-Hanania. Andrade’s deal put him on probation.

“I didn’t inject Chelsea. I didn’t inject Sebastian,” Ben-Hanania said to Judge John Goger Friday. “I’m taking this, because I’m scared.”

Ben-Hanania only apologized to Bennett’s family after Chelsea’s mother, Rita, read an emotional statement to the judge asking for justice.

“I’m sorry. I wish I’d woke up. I wish I did something. I’m sorry,” he said. “You guys know I loved Chelsea. I didn’t want this to happen to her.”

Bennett’s mother said she’s tormented by her daughter’s death and said that Chelsea wanted to help Ben-Hanania, who was struggling with drug addiction.

“She believed that you could be a better person, but for all of her efforts, you paid her back by taking her life,” Rita Bennett said in a written statement to the judge. “You sat and watched her die while you texted your girlfriend about meeting up later.”

Rita Bennett, however, told Channel 2’s Mike Petchenik that her family forgives Ben-Hanania and hopes he gets the help he needs to straighten out his life.

“I just feel he’s a young person. He made a horrible mistake,” she told Petchenik. “Our daughter’s life was the result of that, but to hold that inside and not forgive him would not be what we believe is the right thing.”

Det. Jakai Braithwaite told Petchenik the case was personal for him.

“This case was difficult,” he said. “A lot of nights we didn’t sleep, a lot of tossing and turning, because we really did get wrapped up with this.”

Braithwaite said he and his partner knew Bennett’s death was more than just an accidental overdose from day one, and he wants what happened to send a message to other young people struggling with drug abuse.

“This is something you could be prosecuted for and leave this stuff alone,” he said. “Heroin is nothing to mess with.”


Since then, Bobbi Kristina’s January 31, 2015, tragic incident occurred where of course we know that she was found unresponsive in the bath tub and today, Nick is reporting that they indeed had done lots of drugs the night of her drowning.

Interestingly, on June 26 [2015]-just last two weeks ago, ANOTHER John’s Creek woman, 21 year-old Lisa Lee died of a suspected heroin overdose after she was dropped off at Kenneston Hospital in Cobb County.

Not sure if Lee was friends with Bobbi Kristina or no, but she was friends with the John’s Creek woman, Chelsea Bennett who died March 2014 of a heroin overdose [believed to have been administered by Cory Ben Haninia-as aforementioned].


WBSTV’s Mike Petchenik reported:

Woodstock police are looking into a possible heroin-related death of a Johns Creek woman.

The 21-year-old died of a suspected heroin overdose last week after she was dropped off at Kennestone Hospital in Cobb County.

Her family has asked us to withhold her name until toxicology reports confirm cause of death. 

The woman’s boss, Lisa Lee, told Channel 2’s Mike Petchenik that the drug is a major problem in the northern suburbs and parents need to wake up.              

“She was the most amazing person. She would light up any room when she walked in,” Lee said of the 21-year-old with her infectious smile.

Woodstock police said they are investigating the circumstances surrounding her death.

The death came about a year after the woman’s friend, Chelsea Bennett, died from a heroin overdose. Police charged a friend of Bennett’s with giving her the drug and then failing to call for help when she overdosed.

But Lee said the addiction overpowered her. She said it’s a problem facing many young people in north Fulton County.

“They all start off with just prescription drugs and then it goes to heroin. It’s extremely prevalent in this area,” Lee said.

Lee said she hears about it from the young people who come into her business.

“I don’t think parents around here realize what a threat it is, and I would really like to see us educate our kids at a much younger age,” Lee said.

Lee feels so passionately about the issue that she plans to go before the Johns Creek City Council next week.


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