Thought He Told You That He Won’t Stop: P. DIDDY is PUFF DADDY Too. Got Dat?

Diddy just had new music drop and in the trailer for his new single, “Big Homie,” Diddy (who we first/originally knew as “Sean Puffy Combs” vacillating between “Puff Daddy,” then Puffy, to eventually asked to be referred to as P. Diddy) just recently resurrected “Puff Daddy.”


z_seanjohn  Well, if you’re up on popular culture and just read that paragraph, then someone who unfortunately cannot be resurrected (and may he rest in peace) is most probably giving P. Diddy the side-eye right about now. Because if you remember, years ago before Gerald Levert’s death, when once being interviewed, he was asked about his opinion on “Sean Puffy Combs” now (then) asking to be called “Puff Daddy” and his response was one that (alongside my favorite song by him that can bring tears to my eyes today: “Baby Hold On To Me”) I will never forget: “Hell Nah! I aint running ‘round here referring to no grown a$$ man as no ‘Puff Daddy!’ I got a daddy!”

When Diddy hopped on Twitter to announce that [although we somehow fell in line and began calling him “Diddy”], the name “Puff Daddy” never left his rockstar repertoire:


Well, *in my John Cougar Mellencamp / “Jack and Diane” voice* I got a little diddy …about Diddy (on this thing): Get it done, big homie-make a decision. Bloggers’ tags are tired.


At any rate.

Stay tuned to our side panel’s “TOPICS” Famers. [Only as we are aware of it] we are adding new media to the page for our readers that are Famees’ fans.

This new single “Big Homie” will too, be added.


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