Things That Go Bump in the Sand: BLUE’s Clue or Baby #2 for BEYONCE & JAY Z – What Say You?


Blue Ivy’s been quite the cultured child-to [the] date. Even as recent as last week, we’ve lost count of how many countries she’s visited during her three little years of life!

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Having made her way around the world on the hips of her mom and dad-she’s been exposed to some things [and therefore] has the ability to do things, and go places you, me (or many 3 year olds like her) have never, like:



Walk the floors of the White House


Pose like Marilyn Monroe—in monumental places…wind blowing your lil dress.

Walked across the Eiffel Tower


Gossip about the Mona Lisa with your dad—while standing right in front of her

Have your paw take you to the nail shop to get your young paws done (lol)


Taking pics of people and things older and bigger than you

 Photo bomb your mom’s photo shoot



Walk in your mommy’s shoes


Reinvent the King of Pop


Know what love is and what it means to congratulate mommy for kissing and making up with daddy live on stage—in front of the world


Feed baby tigers—unknowingly pissing off the wild kingdom of humans

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(while your mommy happened to have slithered right past them exactly one year ago—having done the same thing):



Congratulate your mommy on her big night


Congratulate your auntie on her big day


Put your aunties makeup on-on your own big day


…and get a “Frozen” ice sculpture and rainbow cake for your big day


We can’t argue that Blue Ivy is indeed quite one of the most cultured and seasoned precocious little 3 year-old’s you’ll probably never know. And if her well travels serve her as suspected, might she have run into a fertility statue or two, and while on the beach; buried her mom in the sand in an effort to show her recollection of all the art history she’s seen?


Well the Internet is certainly circulating Blue’s clues-showing a Beyonce buried in the sand as though she is a fertility piece sculpted on land with visible sand-sculpted breasts and as well…a pregnant belly.



What say you?

Blue’s clue or Baby #2?

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