Thick As….Thieves: Newly Revealed Blind Item Reports CHRISTINA MILIAN Creeping w/CHRIS BROWN Under KARRUECHE’s Nose

Chris Brown’s ex-turned Hollywood [progressing C lister] Karrueche Tran is making her way from behind the veil of Chris’ shadows while Chris Brown battles it out in court over baby mama drama.Karrueche-thirst-trap

After finding success in being granted equal parenting rights + successfully thwarting his baby-mama’s quest to increase monthly child support, Karrueche Tran is successfully making a splash ripple in the modeling world and diving out there in ways (that always seemed to get Brown’s attention and reprimand about ‘acting like a “thot’ out here in these social media streets ‘thirsting’ for attention).



No word as yet on Chris’ ‘reaction’ to Tran dropping this photo out for the masses to view (and crack on) either way, considering her typically “12 year-old body” frame often mocked by mean spirited fans; Karrueche must’ve been feeling “thick” (from the angle of this pic).images (7)

Rumors have it however, rather than hanging back waiting on that ‘reaction’ from Chris, she might want to put a third eye on BFF Christina Milian (with whom Karrueche is thick as thieves with).



A newly revealed blind item (that’s been floating around since July via Crazy Days and Nights) revealed that while Karrueche has been making her way through the industry getting modeling and acting gigs that Milian, whose been a singer and actress in the business over 15 years now hasn’t gotten and probably should have secured, Christina Milian has been dipping off with Karrueche’s ex—Chris Brown.



If this actually be the case, this is probably sweet revenge for both Brown and Milian. So don’t be looking out for Chris’ ‘reaction’ to Karrueche’s “thick” pic anything soon as, if rumors are true, her BFF with whom she’s been thick as thieves has already stolen her man.



We’ll sit this right here, cue the music at 2:50-3:31, and keep things movin’ along.


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