Knife Found On OJ Simpson’s Demolished Property Turns Up?

nicole's glasses in envelope
Nicole’s glasses in an envelope found at murder scene

*Say this with me Scandal-fast:

So here we are, over a decade Century later, after a near beheading of a woman, the brutal, bloody murder of her friend from a restaurant who just so happened to be stopping by to bring the sunglasses she left and the killer (who fit), with a lawyer (who, since-died of cancer) who chanted and coined the notorious in-court rhyming like-quip: “if it (the glove found at the scene) doesn’t fit-you must acquit” …is somewhere turning over in his grave right now tuning in to all this.


Oh…to be acquitted of such a blood and gore murder scene (only to do jail time years later for mere intimidating, robbery and theft still), with no

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