Thelma and Louise’s SUSAN SARANDON Not Gon’ Ride Or Die For HILLARY CLINTON (Chooses DONALD TRUMP Instead) + How Rational Thinking Goes Out The Window When A Person Simply Just Doesn’t Like ‘YOU’

Just let that sink in
Just let that sink in

thoroughly taken aback that a woman could (in so many words) think that (over Hillary Clinton)
Donald Trump has any care in the world about threats to women’s rights and in no way has he ever, or will he ever identify with any minimum wage earner’s plight to give one care about tending to the little and lesser earning people of the world!?

Are you serious, Susan!?

Did she really understand how crazy she sounded?

Take a moment and let that sink in

People are positively, literally insane when it’s ‘YOU’ they have an issue with and it’s obvious she just doesn’t like Hillary Clinton. Just admit that-admit your sh/t. You have a right to just NOT like somebody but stop there. Don’t ruin their or the other’s lives taking it past your personal emotion. Work on you and your feelings and thoughts.

That right there is a perrrrrrrrrfect example of how stupid people sound when the bigger issue they have is with ‘YOU.’ Like Susan’s list I bulleted on the previous page, they will throw all kinds of reasons and

willow perfect side eye pic
Side eye

stuff in the bag to discredit, not give credit, deny you, and misapply you in every way they can (and often times) at an expense that their weak, or unsettled, or unstable, or unreasonable emotions-won’t let the stop and think about to make sense of and more often than not, end up shooting themselves in the foot or ruining things for the greater good. That is precisely why I never listen to people about opposition to other people. I’m listening for the root and bottom line because somewhere in there, I know (when it goes like Chris and Susan’s conversation) it’s personal rather than justified.

People: get control of your emotions and make sense of what you take in, believe, say, think, and feel (when making a decision to elect an entire president of a country). This isn’t a high school presidential election we are talking about. This is a country—of human beings.

If you want people to consistently respect you and trust your judgment, don’t ever get caught basing a serious decision about a person or situation off your emotion, half-cockedness or knee-jerk reactions (if the dots, rationale and logic are right there and visibly connected) yet, you’d rather sit on your feelings and make an emotional rather than logical decision about a logical or life altering situation. Some people won’t allow you to flip flop back into being a person whose judgment (or intelligence) they can trust-ever again. I’m one such person.

Donald on political correctnessOn serious matters and beneath my humor, sun, light feet and fun…I’m as bold as they come. Ask me, the last ‘shy’ person in the world was Michael Jackson. In my world: Kids get the only ‘shy’ pass. The rest-it’s adult to adult.

I’m as blunt and direct as you can get. Tact: Yes-conducive to the situation and action put out toward me.

Political correctness: No. You either love me (or you can’t handle me). I don’t even provide you the logical reason or energy to ‘hate’ me. If you ‘hate’ me-I assure you (to yourself), you didn’t own, or admit your sh/t and/or the problem is yours-I assure you.

A little secret about me: I believe in the necessity of playing the game of social politics but over superficial I’m earthy. By no uncertain terms do I trust ‘politically correct’ people, people who ‘turn over a new leaf’ (given a material reward for doing so rather than from the natural, raw core and yearning for change), nor do I trust people who work to hard to be liked and accepted rather than being themselves.

And like Donald, I don’t have time to play silly new age social politics and other technological new age forms of ‘accept me’ fckery. I don’t have the Donald Trumptime to be ‘politically correct’ to make or convince you ‘like’ or ‘relate’ to me because my persuasiveness is nothing you can calculate or predict-I reach people from behind their social masks and win there. Always have. That being the case, I know that people who aren’t afraid of the truth based off facts or reason (rather than fantasy and illusion) like and relate to me. That’s who I magnetically reach and am interested in-only. I tiptoe around old people, kids and babies-only. I don’t care about tiptoeing around an adult conversation because another adult is comfortable with fantasy, illusion and disillusion. What ‘reality’ is to me may be “negativity’ to a weak mentality.

Unless in my close, personal life or space and working to break my spirit, what opposes me that doesn’t know me is merely opposition. You can’t negatively affect me unless you literally, positively know me. ‘Reality’ or ‘positive’ only exists in my vocabulary and reality doesn’t scare me or steal my joy even if it hurts. And by the same token all reality isn’t ‘negative.’ That said, trust me on this: me and Donald are eye to eye on some things…I promise you this.

BUT…it stops there for me with him. Outside of who he is as a blunt person (that I trust and respect for that reason only as-I trust bold people over people who work to be liked/accepted), he gets only ‘cool’ points with me in that regard. But he can’t run my country given his 0.00 political track record, apathy, classist and egregious, pompous way that doesn’t serve the greater good and with no agenda or interest in doing so.

So regardless (over the opposite type) the trust I put in outspoken people with no hidden agenda or interest in playing petty, time wasting social politics; who he is and what he stands for (which is, and has nothing having to do with humanity and the world outside of his own world in his mind and pocket), I have no interest and trust in his type running the country I live and work in.

Whether we like or dislike someone, sometimes, we have to put our personal feelings aside and stick to the issue/s at hand. Just because we may like somebody for whatever redeeming qualities doesn’t mean they are qualified. And likewise, just because we DON’T like somebody doesn’t mean they aren’t not qualified or worthy, either.

Simply because a man ‘speaks how you speak’ [and bullies and sensationalizes] his way through a presidential race-collecting ego points along the way to making himself (and not the rich richer but definitely the minimum wagers of the world-poorer), doesn’t qualify him to be able to effectively run a country.

Although America is a business and Donald Trump is a ‘businessman,’ even his businessman record (Trump University and countless other business ventures outside of real estate) closely identifies with his dual natured, double-talking Gemini ways: Short trips, troubled frequency and miscommunication-in it for just enough to profit and the rest is a mess-exactly how he will do and leave this country.

Stop being fooled and lead by the (literal) superficial, and sensation and use your brain to make sense.

Step out of the matrix.

This sensationalistic world and systems we frequent daily are affecting wayyyyyyyyy too many people’s ability to use their sense and sensibilities. Don’t let that be you. I live in this world with you. And that REALLLLLLLLY concerns me.

The likes of a “Donald Trump” standing THIS close to the White House doors should concern you. Outside of slandering people across Twitter and harassing democrats across social media and bragging about his ability to not have to take funds from special interests groups, what interest in HUMANITY (and the world outside of the Trump empire) does Donald Trump have people?

Snap out of it and get real about real things.

You can still have fun and live.

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