The Weigh In: SHERYL LEE RALPH Interviews With Access Hollywood + Director LEE DANIELS Speaks to CNN’s DON LEMON Regarding MO’NIQUE’s Claim That She Was Blackballed – MO’NIQUE Responds

Monique OscarsOk so you’ve heard the rumors, whispers, and rumblings of comedian/actress Mo’Nique going on record for having stated that despite her winning an Oscar Award-the offers that typically-after winning an Oscar (for Mo’Nique) didn’t exactly start pouring in.Daniels Monique

According to reports, Mo’Nique stated that Lee Daniels pulled up on her to put this bug in her ear:“You were blackballed because you didn’t play the game” [sic]


 The “game?” :



monique_i_was_blackballedWell, at first (thought/reported), “playing the game” was interpreted as [instead of Mo’Nique standing up on that Oscar’s stage and giving the off the natural shockedness and humility of like–the notorious Cuba Gooding Jr. or like Halle Berry–expressing gratitude for receiving the coveted statues]; she elected an almost “power to the people” [blackfist?] approach to having conquered the feat-and in turn, it’s been said that was [one of the] contributing factors to her being blackballed.

It was also said that other contributing factors was the fact or that (by direction of her husband-manager), unless she was paid-Monique refused to campaign for the movie ‘Precious’ (by which she later won the Oscar for).


(Look. I beg your pardon on Mo’Nique’s behalf…but I told yous—even in all their birth sign’s luck being better than the average’s splendor; Sagittarius’ can, at times, be a little “extra”/expansive). And well, THIS very well made up for wherEVER she didn’t campaign and promote the movie. Check this out:


At any rate.

Since then, rumors and whispers [about Mo’Nique having gone on record about being blackballed] has turned to rumblings of sorts.sheryl-lee-ralph-monique

Don’t know if you know it, but since Mo’Nique’s [reported blackballing comments last week] activist, and Hollywood/Broadway actress-singer Sheryl Lee Ralph had this to say about it and Mo’Nique (offering her a tough as nails word of advice sandwiched with a lesson to take from it to blossom and build from (or remain ‘blackballed”)–like I say via “Soul2Soul”: However do you want it-however to you need it. Either way, this is what she said (to get Mo’Nique back to life?)


What’s interesting about that is, she didn’t campaign. I wonder, do you think that they would blackball Tom Hanks for not campaigning for a movie? The game is different for women.

A whole lot of actors are difficult. And there’s a whole lot of actors who are mean and terrible, but they work all the time. It goes back to who likes you, who wants to be in your kind of crazy company. Who wants to give you money in hopes they’ll get something back on the return on your madness. And sometimes you just need to shut up, sit there and look pretty … But I think this is a setup for a comeback.

“Now, when she comes back she better be as tiny as you,”

…Ralph said, gesturing at the slender co-host she was speaking to (as an example)

“She don’t need to be Mo’Nique anymore, because obviously what she was did not work. So she better come back brand new. That’s what they’re waiting for.”


Well, as you saw atop the OSF big screen, Mo’Nique had done a full-on interview with the Hollywood Reporter where she talks about being blackballed, as well as her role (as Richard Pryor’s aunt) in the Richard Pryor biopic (directed by Lee Daniels) being taken off the table.x240-eJa

Here of late, “I was blackballed after winning my Oscar” has taken on a different spin of sorts with Mo’nique (as per the interview) seemingly insinuating that she was not necessarily blackballed by ‘Hollywood,’ [but by Daniels himself, perhaps].

Well since that THR interview, while making his rounds promoting his hot, new Fox TV show Empire, Daniels spoke with CNN’s Don Lemon basically stating his case and what his stance is and always was: That this is the business of show business. And outside of all the glitz and glamour-there is business to be had, promoting to be done, and ingratiating to be given. “You’ve got to play ball” Lee said …(and throw it back to + ingratiate yourself to whomever first threw it to you).

Daniels asserts that sometimes celebs can be in their own way.

Check it out:


Since that interview this week), Mo’Nique too, spoke with CNN’s Don Lemon to explain.

And so as you’ll hear, if it is true that Mo’nique (who says she was only paid 50k for the multi-million dollar movie she starred in+won the Oscar for: Lee Daniels’ “Precious”) was also supposed to secure the role in Daniels’ The Butler (played by Oprah) and too-was up for a role in the Lee Daniels’ soon to be [Richard Pryor movie] and too, according to her-was originally supposed to be ‘Cookie’ in Daniels’ new Fox Television hit series Empire; is that the reason Mo’Nique feels it was Daniels (and not Hollywood) who blacklisted her?

There are some actors (and actresses) who will (free of charge) make rounds to promote movies they’re in, while others (who usually make millions per movie) will not.

All things considered, is Mo’Nique right or wrong? Is Lee Daniels (and Sheryl Lee Ralph) right, or wrong?


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