The Value of Time Like Money: Apps (Or Ways) To Manage It

the time it took to get somewhere with a friend who claimed their route to it was quicker?

Well sort of like that, our friends at the Today Show interviewed two women who (one ran errands the old/grass roots way) versus the other running errands with the help of an app claiming to save time. The outcome is pretty interesting.

Although in the segment (and with soooooooooooo many apps out staking the claim) they didn’t name any apps in particular, they did from an older show before.



As well, while I, (like you) have to go and play the eenie, meenie, miny mo game (to even MAKE room for necessary apps) check out Entrepreneur’s time management business/personal/business apps that too, claim to make managing time-life easier!







…I will be out in search of a phone that will alot me enough memory to harbor all these apps. With so many to choose from, there’s still room to trust yourself and your own method of time management overhaul (like I explained above).

Given so many apps with so many time, for me, I concluded I’ll look at this like the the mind set it takes to eat right and exercise versus surgery or quick fix surgeries: while the new age options are out there, there’s still that grass roots way of making a plan and disciplining the self to follow your own methods for, with so many of these technological options, lest we not forget: sorting through them all to find one that works best (for us) takes…………time and well…we all know how shrewd I am about my time!

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