The Value of Time Like Money: Apps (Or Ways) To Manage It

mytime-organizer3-1The “funny” thing about time and money is that it’s the same difference: Time is money and money is time—not so funny when either is wasted (that’s where both equal in value and are one in the same-no difference).

I don’t know about you, but for me, I’m unapologetically shrewd about my time down to the millisecond-especially in areas where it takes me time away from my boy, my business, my self and then quality time with all else and others that mean much to me factored after that.

When I say “shrewd about my time” that means I’m protective of my time such that if I waste it: I’ll kick my own ass, but if you waste it, I can go kicking yours and I sure as heavens don’t want to kick my own a$$ twice.

That being said, where time/money is concerned, here’s an example of [what I mean when I say] “shrewd about it” (that too, may make you think about what’s taking away from your own time, too).

Over the years, even while working

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