{Trailer} APPLE’s “STEVE JOBS” Will Contain the “Started From The Garage” Urban Legend, Baby-Mama Drama, and His “Jerk” Factor + Did STEVE JOBS Die When He Began Seeking Doctors Care vs His Holistic Self-Care Regimen?


We all know the story (and boy do we those love success stories with humble beginnings don’t we?).

Well as you may well know, the late Apple CEO Steve Jobs’ humble beginnings (through to the time he took a bite out of technology industry) was documented and being brought to the big screen played by Michael Fassbender.

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Directed by Aaron Sorkin (yes, the man who directed The Social Network-Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg’s story), is bringing Job’s story to us October 9, 2015.

People were wondering if the notorious “started in a garage” scene is (a) true, and if so (b) will it be in the movie.


Well the answer to that is a resounding “yes,” BUT according to the other Steve (Steve Wozniak-credited for having started Apple WITH Steve Jobs) he wanted to let the record state that the “started in the garage” story is only partially true. It actually started in the Steve Job’s bedroom so–it sat ABOVE the garage but in this house (located at: 2066 Crist Drive Los Altos, California 94024) nonetheless:

And as you’ll see in the trailer of the movie (the magic did happen in the garage).

Just a little bit of a back story on the Steve’s stories:


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Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak put together the boards of their first computer (Apple I) in 1976 and gave jobs to neighborhood kids-including Job’s sister Patti. (Exactly what this “help” was-I don’t know but I assure you: we will find out in the movie!)

Fast forward.

A couple years later Steve² moved to Cupertino, California (not too far from the eventual company’s campus) which even today, is on Bandley Drive.

In case you wanted to know: the “started from the garage” literally stood true of the makers of Hewlett Packard/HP as early as 1939 in Silicone Valley.


With regard to the movie, we hear that Sorkin took The Social Network approach to Silicon Valley: (shining the light on these geniuses “jerk factor”): ego, domestic/baby-mama drama-all that.

According to sources, Steve Wozniak said he almost cried several times throughout the movie.

For now, have at the trailer for Steve²  : “Steve Jobs.”

Tap in below:


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As you may (or may not know), this is the real Steve Jobs.download (14)

And at 56 years young, Steve Jobs lost his battle with pancreatic cancer on October 5, 2011-but as we all know, he won in life as, his legacy lives on


I sometimes like to research (or too) come up on interesting things useful to some of the stories I blog about. I came across this one-a You tube channel belonging called KRS Channel where the guy gives an interesting (personal/holistic) slant of Steve Jobs’ condition that, according to him, it was Steve Jobs that saved himself for the length of time that the did-with his diet.

Steve Jobs worked at HP, and the Mercury he was working with and around caused him to have pancreatic cancer but (according to this guy) the diet consumed by Jobs disallowed his cancer to mutate and multiply in ways (had he been on a non-vegan diet).

Steve Jobs was heavily into astrology, spirituality, and holistic health and according to the this guru, it was just that: Steve Jobs’ self care that really saved his life for as long as he lived and it wasn’t until he started being seen for her condition-that his condition began to deteriorate.

I don’t knew if this guru is trying to say that when Steve Jobs began to see actual doctors about his condition, or if that + meds took him down (because he doesn’t really make that clear)….but according to what this spiritual healer/guru is saying, the kind of cancer Jobs had (and in considering how he got it-Mercury), he would have been dead around 28 years old had it not been for his vegan diet–and had he continued his own self-care course.

Check it out:

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