MAGIC JOHNSON ‘s Hand in the Net: The First to Jump Up to Bounce DONALD STERLING

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  According to reports, Adrian Wojnarowski, a well-connected Yahoo reporter, reported that retired basketball player Magic Johnson is taking action.

Johnson ((black, and who too, was one of the subjects of Don Sterling’s disdain) not only decided not to talk about the situation anymore, but he’s doing Don Sterling, the offended parties, and the team one better: Possibly buying the team from Donald Sterling (with hopes that we can all bounce him off to his pompous, classist, egregious, socialist, and separatist little world and friends of his) and leave the rest of the world to ours [without him in it].

download (4)  In case you didn’t know (in the business world outside of entertainment), Magic Johnson and his partner (singer Janet Jackson), has been well-known for opening banks for the underprivileged. Johnson opened a theatre in L.A, opened schools around the country and has spent all of his time in retirement-giving back by building his very own empire and inclusion network. images (19) This network is making ways for all people of all races around the world to feel, live, and be included in the world through education, finances and affordable entertainment and recreation.

We Day California At Oracle Arena

Magic Johnson was very hurt about and disgusted by Donald Sterling’s remarks this past weekend. Instead of ranting for the rest of the week and bumping his gums about,and along with his billionaire backers, Guggenheim Partners; rumor has it he is actively pursuing taking over the team in an effort to restore the moral to the sport as well as the team.

images (16)  Mark Walter of the Guggenheim Partners and Johnson own the Los Angeles Dodgers and WNBA’s Los Angeles Sparks, so he is already in his element. images (15)  Johnson’s successful years in basketball and full knowledge of the game, and the NBA organization as a whole are resume enough.

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images (20) Now obviously this magic, dream, noble, great, grand, offer and deed of Magic Johnson’s is not going to be met with open arms [by Sterling]. In the event the deal doesn’t go down, according to sources, the NBA and the commissioner (Adam Silver) are still looking into punishing him to the fullest extent of the NBA bylaws.

Under those bylaws (and considering the stark-raving revelations bouncing around the world) a foul may very well indeed be called on his ever again being able to interact with players, staff, or the coaches.

images (18)  Essentially,this leaves Donald Sterling down with nothing-but to hand over the keys to that imaginary plantation (in his head) he has his players on.

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