The ASSOCIATED PRESS Interviewed “Cecil The Lion” ‘s Killer This Past Sunday-Just Before His Return To Work Today


The dentist who hunted down and killed “Cecil the Lion” (for pay), is back at work (for his pay): Pulling teeth and working nerves in office (and out) as, people are protesting right outside his place of business upon his [secured and closely guarded] return.


If you’ve been following this story then you know that the world of celebrity and others roared loudly at hearing a man was paid to kill a beautiful lion with a mane given a name “Cecil.”

Well the Associated Press caught up with the killer dentist who, like an abscess; left a bad taste in the mouths of many like actress Mia Farrow who was so upset at his actions that she posted the doctor’s address (to the place where HE habitats and lay and stay) out for the world to see (and hunt him-come what may).

Well, in preparation for his return to work today, this past Sunday he (Dr. Palmer by the way) spoke with the Associated Press but didn’t allow cameras or video be taken.

Here is the audio of that interview:


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