Thankful? CHRIS & RIHANNA Together (Just in Time for the Holidays)?

…well sort of

stretches out fingers and wiggles wrist

…ACHRIHANNAt least by-design in someone’s mind.

Olol_memek so…the Internet was in a jolly mood when someone with extraordinary Photoshop skills decided to paint us a Thanksgiving Eve picture of the popular: “This Could Be Us But…” Internet meme.

…But rather than who we’ve all have been growing used toKARRUECHE AND CHRIS BROWN PDA ARTICLE other side of the fame seeing on Chris Brown’s arm here of late (his girlfriend Karrueche), someone put their humor + graphic design skills on display—capturing Brown and estranged ex girlfriend Rihanna-both, dressed in hot pink, hand in hand this holiday season–looking true to life in such a way that seemed to cancel out Chris’ public displays of the changed, all-true-man and doting boyfriend this time around.


Although perfectly pixeled and having raised some eyebrows, the fact of the matter is: You can all rest now, the former lovebirds are still adhering to what’s best for their careers while remaining secretly in love with + still missing each other –living life down to the quote “if you can’t be with the one you love-love the one you’re with” the tumultuous two are not back together again.

Be that as it may (and may not), Karrueche (took the clever piece all in stride?) by posting:

And well… TeamChrihanna, sorry to rain on you guys’ parade, but the Umbrella singer was spotted out in Manhattan, New York headed to the recording studio with BFF #TeamMelissa (not Brown).



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