Texts of STEVEN TYLER Teasing LENNY About His On Stage ‘Pantics’ and Tallywacker



Nothing like a little banter among guys and word getting back to the bros who, like you, have probably shared your same experience of rocking out til their c__k’s out but certainly will not let you forget when it’s on you now.

Sexy rocker and Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler took a lighthearted jab at fellow rock star Lenny about is onstage ‘pantics’ after coming apart at the seams during his show on Monday.

Apparently, yesterday when I reported it, I’d been slacking on my pimpin’ peen-pin because reportedly, there is indeed an uncensored video showing all the bells and whistles, twigs and dingleberries.

At any rate.

Lenny took it all in stride and shared the text message. I mean, after the full day fiasco he had yesterday (and the goods exposed), you might as well give up the ghost-going forward.


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