Texas Teacher Caught Wailing Upside “Idiot A$$” Boy’s Head + School Gun Violence-Schmum Violence – Are Abusive Teachers & School Authorities Flying Under The Radar?

School safety is extending itself way past the fear of student’s peers bringing guns to school. Although that is still happening, we can’t deny that another form of school violence is taking place to: With teachers and police officers patrolling schools as well (being violent against students).

Although the world of social media is like a circus that jumps on the nearest Ferris wheel in that-by the time the story rolls to the back, we’re off it and not talking about it anymore. Resolves and real life however, still go on.

Whatever became of the late October 2015 situation at South Carolina’s Spring Valley High School Officer Ben Fields [given the moniker by his students: “Officer Slam”] didn’t go viral enough (to reach the forefront for us to talk about); but won’t forget what happened and whatever is/has happened behind the scenes in real life of all persons and witnesses involved, the fact of the matter is: a big, burly, male cop picked up an entire desk (holding a 16 year-old 90lb female student in it) to eject her from the apparatus by plucking her from the flipped desk, plucking her from it and sliding her across the floor like a piece a cattle thrown up an assembly line.


…And landing on her face after being body slammed by a San Antonio school police officer (Joshua Kehm-who since this happened last week has been fired), a 12 year old girl was man-handled by a “resource officer” as well:

She (the student victim-Janisa Valdez) speaks:

Janisa’s mom (Gloria Valdez) spoke to WOAI/KABB regarding the incident.


As well, just recently, in Texas, (as if she were his abusive mom chastising him), windmill style,  a young black male student was slapped in the head repeatedly-by his teacher right, smack dead in front of the class.

Although the reason was unknown, regardless, the fact of the matter is: No teacher has any business handling a child in a way that you Texas+teacherwouldn’t if their parent or caregiver was standing there.

glitter gold star…That’s pretty much my rule and way to teach someone self control (useful in all an every situation from peer/friends, relationships, professional relationships all the way down student-teacher relationships): Don’t do or say something you wouldn’t do if the significant other or interested party was standing there. If it’s something you wouldn’t do or say if they were watching, that’s your sign that it shouldn’t be done sans/absence. Period. Dot.

Well whether it be because the boy didn’t cross his T’s, dot his I’s, got caught passing notes (or using his phone), the result of whatever he did wrong in the eyes of the teacher, Mary Hasting; it prompted her to wail upside the boys head and spew the words: “You’re stopping them from graduating you idiot!”

When the boy raised from the beating, in all his startled, broken English verbiage-asking the teacher why she “did that for?” she proceeded to mock him-repeating his words back to him.


Hastings, 63, was charged with a misdemeanor.


In New York, teacher Charlotte Dial was caught on tape by her assistant-berating a mere child for “counting wrong.”

To add insult to injury, Dial proceeded to not only rip into the child but rip the child’s homework  right in front of the classroom during her adult tantrum. From there, she orders the child over into a time out chair.


…(this person removed the video but didn’t remove it fast enough before these Internet skreets got a hold of it).

We’ve got you covered, though.  Proceed:




As this dug into this story deeper, reportedly this school in New York is apart of a network of charters schools under the “Success Academy” umbrella. Despite her raining on a child’s parade and possible future self esteem, although it was awesome that the assistant released the video to the world, the school stands behind her as a

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