Ten Years Ago TOM CRUISE Jump in Love : Jumped On Top of Oprah’s Couch About KATIE HOLMES

I know it would seem as though Oprah’s Oprah Show biggest moment would be the time everybody in her audience “got a car” and if so-the epi with Tom Cruise jumping up on the couch has to run a close second.

rs_560x415-140522095309-rememberwhentomcat560Either way, “10” marks the spot of one of her most famous interviews (this one with Cruise) where-all dressed up and with curls and a cute lil’ powder pink dress, while in conversation with the talk show daintily dressed talk show maven, the Hollywood actor couldn’t contain himself after about a minute into the conversation about (his then) new love Katie Holmes.

At the start of the interview (as Cruise walked out onto the stage), it was Oprah who had to tell the audience “calm down.” But as the interview had gone on, it was Cruise that had to do the calming down.

“I’m in love. I’m in love and it’s one of these things where you want to be cool, like, ‘Yeah I like her’…that’s not how I feel.  I admired her and I thought I wanted to meet her so I called her because I wanted to meet her. You see someone’s work and you hear about them and you hear what a special person she is…and I wanted to meet this person and I met her and she’s extraordinary.”

Minutes after making the statement, Cruise had come from down on his knee in an “I scored!” position to up on his feet of the notorious lemon-yellow couch of the Oprah Show studios.



No one will forget it as, the moment has become one of the most memorable popular culture moments gone viral—even deserving a spoof-scene in the 2006 movie Scary Movie 4 starring Mad Tv’s funny lady Debra Wilson:



These Oprah Show stills and this Scary Movie 4 still are staples and stains on countless of American’s brains:

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Unfortunately since being jump in love, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have split and officially divorced in 2012-but not without infant.

The couple became mother and father to a baby girl, Suri Cruise born in August 2006.

Katie, born Catholic, and Cruise-a Scientologist—it was rumored that the controversial religion was the demise of the couple’s bliss.


Fast forward, Katie is now dating comedian Jamie Foxx and no one knows who, if anyone in particular, Cruise is dating currently.

“Certainly, I did not think it would turn into the brouhaha that it did,” Oprah later told TV Guide Magazine.

“I thought it was an expression of delightful exuberance and love that any woman… would be thrilled to have—her man jump on a sofa in love with her,” she said.

Winfrey added that she thought that re-airing the footage would be “really, really unfair.”

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Feel free to scroll up to the OSF big screen to see the notorious interview in its entirety.


P.S . Stay the course ladies-you stand a chance on chance. Katie’s gone on record to state that Tom Cruise used to be just a figment of her teenage fixation plastered on the walls of her bedroom so hey.

Hang in there. Keep hope alive.

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