Tell: Teens Turning Up



Consider what tweens, teens and under 21 are up against and influenced by, and around them, all seemed lost for a while.

Slowly but surely, through all the cracks of something for nothing and wanting something for nothing, I’m starting to see a rash of teens who are surprisingly young, disciplined and and focused.

It’s like they’re an enigma! Who knew that today-while “turning up” the typical way, there really were teens out here getting busy!

I love it when young kids can still see the “cool” in things that require discipline and focus and still know that it too, can lead to being “rich and famous”—but with a better benefit to personal character that lasts much longer than being plucked and pushed into being “rich and famous” for nothing.

To be focused and disciplined opens more doors and options, and whether “rich and famous” is made from focus and discipline, the fact of the matter is: those are skills that will always afford you options that not having it never will.

Shine light on youngsters who beat the odds and do the un norms of their time right now.  They are phenoms. They are superstars and they deserve it.

If you know of anyone (21 and under) “turning up” in positive ways:

  • creatively/artistically
  • professionally
  • in sports
  • education or otherwise (working towards a goal, focused in doing something great now or for the greater later)

…tell OSF!

We want the spotlight put on them for our readers to see! Email us: