Tell: Are You a Groupie?

literal career of, it’s just your “thing”–like…you are traveling nomadic with it and when you can, you enjoy following stars around the world and make your way (via connect or finesse) into being wherever they are at.

So if you do, or did, get down like that, we’ve gotta talk!

OSF wants to roll out our red carpet and putting the spotlight on you!



We know everybody’s story is different, so (right now) I can’t say that I’m going to have a set, set of questions across the board. I will let you flow and ask questions based on what I hear you say. BUT two questions I will ask across the board (which everybody will get asked first) is:

1) Do you have an aversion for the term “groupie” or do you have your own personal definition of who you are in that regard?

2) What was the spark that lit your fire and lead you into the groupie lifestyle? Where you out somewhere and met a particular celeb, where you an “aspiring such and such” and you somehow fell in to it? What was that moment that pulled you in?”

So for anybody reading this, if you are telling someone about this feature at OSF, first: Warm them up by ensuring them the person they will be talking with is not a groupie, too (former or currently) so they don’t have to be as guarded.

But moreover, make sure they come prepared with those 2 answers. The rest is just a relaxed conversation-no pressure, and no judgment. Just an opportunity for them to tell their story to the world!

Who knows, we might be JUST the platform that gives YOU (as an individual) the proper