Surprise Serenades For This Sweet ( #Valentines Day): Five Guys Randomly Surprise Unsuspecting Women


maxresdefaultAlthough it would be alarming to be standing or sitting somewhere out and public and up comes 5 guys singing in your ear like a barbershop quartet, how sweet it is to be loved by who…ever they are.

Dressed up like those guys who walk around your town with the cross-shouldered bags selling unique and odd toys or whatnots, in their crisp, white shirts and lead by Stuart Edge, these guys set out to spread some Valentine’s Day cheer.

You’ve gotta admit, for any girl whose feeling a “way” about not having or being with a/their “Bae” on Valentine’s Day, those few surprise moments topped off with a flower can make a girl feel good.


A couple of them actually received these guys in that way-you can tell.

Can’t be with/or don’t have a Boo? Tap in and let these 5 guys sing for you ♥

Author: OSFMagWriter

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