“Super SERENA” Apprehends Cell Phone Assailant Who Scurried Off With Her Phone

Serena as Supergirl

download (3)Thanking her training sprints for being able to leap over a chair in a single bound to catch a thief while too, crediting her speed, her jumps, [having Lycra-Spandex-She-hulk-Superhero-Costume-p165221-3473the] power, the body, the seduction, the sex appeal, the strength, the leadership and the calm to weather the storm;  Serena Williams and her [quote] “superhero sense” [end quote] zeroed in on a man at a restaurant eyeing her phone while she chatted it up with a friend.

It wouldn’t be too long before the would be thief acted on the impulse to snatch Williams’ phone from out of the chair only to be met by Serena Thunderthighs who commandeered the mobile device and made it back to the restaurant in one piece to a standing ovation of patrons.images (4)

Signing off on the experience, “Super Serena and her sidekick quailman” had this to share:

Serenas experience



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