Stripper Recounts…We Mean: Recants Story & Publicly Apologizes To DRAKE For ‘Miscommunication’


A dollar long and a day late[r]. What a difference a day can make[her].

drakeIt was just yesterday it was reported that Houston stripper Jhonni Blaze filed a police report on rapper Drake. According to reports, the police report stated [they wanted to talk to] a “celebrity” [regarding the claims].

In an effort to defend herself, although the stripper and aspiring singer is on record[ing] stating she does not take threats lightly and had gone to the police after being threatened by Drake’s people that she was going to “catch an issue” (should she tell the world about their tryst).

…She is now changing her tune over these past 24 hours.

Now granted, I think no one sees “Drake” as a gangster with ‘goons’ pulling up on a chic with a mob-style foot-to-the-door fall through (over something as such that too, happens to be his M.O.). And despite the fact that his money can pay for such dramatics, I’m sure he still not wants to sleep at night keeping it real to the essence of self-and that is: He’s no ‘gangster.’ Furthermore, why pay for such a thing to fight, block, and defend what he’s already known for? Who knows.

At any rate. Either way, she’s now apologizing to the rapper, for [what she says now was] miscommunication, stating to

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