Stomp in Love: BEYONCE Sued Over Stampede

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 Well Beyonce may be able to wrap and tame her mane with $145,000.00 weaves but she sure as hairs can’t tame her fame [which is reported as being the indirect cause of an entanglement of sorts] in which things got wavy and somebody got hurt.

470462559-beyonce-performs-at-the-brit-awards-2014-at-gettyimages Although it seemed that it was without incident she recently just wrapped up the Mrs. Carter tour (which all the blogs felt it was great big news that Beyonce got a lot of emotional and cried the last day of), turns out, there really is much’a cry about: It is being reported that the Drunk in Love singer is being sued for fans stompin’ love for her.

The lawsuit filed by Raquel Castellanos and Gabriella Davidson claims that Beyonce was negligent to the fact that a stampede occurred which, had there been better systems in place to manage the crowd, the stampede may not have happened.

Beyonce  Although the two women must love Beyonce so much that they stood outside for hours in order to score real estate seating at the venues general admission section, love had nothing to do with it when things came tumbling down and the other concert-goers arrived. The crowd then became more anxious about the gate being opened [where ticket holders were supposed to enter The United Center] and Castellanos and Davidson were injured.

The lawsuit states the gates opened around 7 p.m. “without any instruction or reasonable system to permit an orderly entrance,” and as a result of the chaos, the women were knocked unconscious by the excited crowd. The local fire department took the ladies to a nearby hospital where they were treated for multiple injuries including broken bones.

Promoters at Live Nation and the heads of [The United Center] venue are as well, are named in the lawsuit. The two women are suing for an undisclosed amount of monetary compensation for the incident.


Source: ibtimes

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