STARBUCKS’ Upcoming Diversity Training Needs ̶E̶x̶p̶r̶e̶s̶s̶o̶ An Express Train (And Why The White Race Needs Their Own “Me Too” Movement)

This Starbuck’s Situation Is Why The White Race Needs Their Own “Me Too” Movement.

Starbucks‘ CEO Kevin Johnson has spoken.

An apology is a brew, in lieu of an unfortunate situation that occurred at a Philadelphia coffee giant: Starbucks.

Amid (the soon to be diversity training), it looks like an extra dose of equal opportunity expresso just may be an order.


Two Philadelphia men were arrested after sitting in a local Starbucks.



Reportedly, they were simply doing what typical wine and dine etiquette does: Wait on all dining parties before ordering.

Well the two men’s third party took just a little too long and a Starbucks manager demanded that the guys leave and when they wouldn’t the police were called and the men were arrested.

This made its way to the Internet, gone viral and now, gone postal protestal-prompting people protesting Starbucks.



As reported by Starbucks’ CEO, he is going to make things right by providing diversity training, and too, invite the two guys to a personal apology. As well, has since, fired moved that manager on to another Starbucks location.

Unbeknownst to him, since all that, another video is making its rounds ’round. This video-taken by a guy named Brandon Ward-was recorded at that SAME Starbucks. From the looks of things, Mr. Starbucks’ diversity training needs to hop on a sooner train.

In the video, a black man was apparently denied access to the public code needed in order to use the restroom (because he hadn’t purchased anything as yet). The gentleman recording the video stood by the men’s restroom. A white gentleman exists. The man recording proceeded to ask the white gentleman if he had he purchased anything just yet. Answer: “No.” That man was recorded standing in line, finally about to make a purchase.

He goes:

While we can debate and protest this until we’re blue in the face. We can spin it by implementing diversity training until our spouts tip. But the MAJOR KEY and main problem about racism is this: White people (themselves) won’t defend or shame another white person (and ESPECIALLY their peers) when racist activity (or conversation) is occurring. They just WON’T do it.

This conversation would require my doing a podcast about it, but although I talk about it in detail here (in a write-up regarding the Charlottesville riots called “Snitching vs. “Race-Traitor: Another One of ‘Many Side’ and Racism’s Remedy”

The man in that video missed that pivotal window of opportunity to simply question a woman who HE was about to give HIS money too. His simply saying “Ma’am. Is this how Starbucks treats their customers? Is what this young man saying true?” …would have shamed her and she CERTAINLY would have thought twice about doing it again. This example is PRECISELY what I was talking about in my write up. This is a MAJOR character flaw of even the kindest, intelligent, classiest and non-racist of white people. Can you IMAGINE the kinds of racist conversations that man in the video witness (on a daily basis within his own race?) Can you IMAGINE how much racism gains traction and power when the fire is not put out with shame? Generally speaking, most of what we don’t do is cured by the act or thought of shame. If more white people would intervene where these things occur (in public and private), from there, a domino effect is created. Opposing sides, protesting and talks aren’t very effective when the underlying, heavily manifested work on the catalyst of the issue isn’t done.

Unfortunately, I didn’t submit it for Pulitzer consideration in time as, if I should toot my [nothing to gain from me] own horn, if “impact” was the icing on a written piece’s cake that makes it Pulitzer-worthy, then hell, that piece indeed was worthy of a Pulitzer in journalism. My same theory remedy of notating that racism will keep occurring (unless white people shame other white people) was the common running premise of countless pieces, commentary and conversation from radio, television, to social media–after I shed light on that one fact and key point (that no one EVER considers). I’ve always felt this way, witnessed it, and been a victim of it.

Unfortunately, white people needing to enforce their inter-race brand of “Me-too” didn’t go viral (past the typical social media and momentary commentary rhetoric that occurs daily). But perhaps this little pat on the back (and all new example of my point), should inspire white people to stand up in solidarity to make an effort to shame each other when they witness, or are in the company of one another committing racist acts or words. (Then I’m gonna collect my Pulitzer like Ronan did).

No. I’m not laughing. No laughing emoji here.. That emotion is real-as real as white people are in need that brand of “Me-Too” as a movement (that I KNOW they won’t do in public or private) which I why racism will continue to exist.

If they won’t do it in private (amongst each other) they certainly won’t do it in public. And it doesn’t even matter if they do it in public (for social media sake or publicity if they don’t enforce it in private).

So, I say: Save the wasted time on coffee-table diversity training just as much as I can probably forget about the Pulitzer for an impactful writing piece.

Author: Angela Sherice