Star Mistaken For Another Star @STARBUCKS: #MorningJoe ‘Jody’- HELEN HUNT Written, Said And Read As JODIE FOSTER

After overcoming the years of fear of work-life life-academic balance blackmail (going to college and majoring in something practical safe), when the chance came back around for me to finally embark on the second round of my (impractical/risky) choice in education; boy was I looking forward to the experience.

…And who’da thunk Richard Branson would be my new professor!?Helen Hunt and jodie Foster


In 2012, when I walked into my journalism class and saw that I had a professor that looked like Richard Branson, I was tickled pink-he was too-to think that I thought he looked like Branson. He actually did: Same feathered hair and all. If he was a little taller, he could have fooled us all.

Quite flattering for “regular” folks to look like notable folks, huh?

But what happens when notable folks get mistaken for their notable peers—in writing…at Starbuck’s?

Just ask actress Helen Hunt who, after picking up her drink at the popular coffee barista, Tweeted out her six degrees of separation case of mistaken identity: Having being thought to be (actress) Jodie Foster-so much so that the Starbuck’s  employee even wrote “Jody” ’s name on the cup for pickup…well sorta (too).

Although the Starbucks employee (unknowingly) suffered two epic fails: mistaking Helen for ‘Jodie’ and too…(even if Helen was Jodie-having spelled her name wrong on the cup), all went over well despite the Starbucks employee thinking she had it all in the bag after Hunt asked her if she wanted her name-to which the employee replied:

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