SOULJA BOY: Still “Supermanning Ho3s” (Or Has A Diamond Got His Kryptonite)?

67245-original  Many years have flown by since [the YouTube sensation turned “Soulja Boy”]’s hit: Superman/Crank That penetrated the airwaves and dominated that one other side of the rap game that we at Other Side of the Fame refer to as “Hip-Pop.”

The song’s superpower strength took him right to the top of that popular side of the rap game and practically made him a household name.

Well, we don’t know if he is still “Supermaning Ho3s” but according to reports surfacing, one of ‘em is wearing the case…I mean…the cape now, and is holding his kryptonite [right about now].

It’s being reported that this woman by the name of Diamond Shantaneice MacKay is claiming that her 6-year old son is fathered by the rapper who. And according to the way things are being reported, although he has visited the child and there are witnesses that can vouch for there having been a relationship between Diamond Shantaneice MacKay and Soulja Boy; the Superstar hasn’t quite owned up to being boy’s father as yet.

According to the woman, during the crucial time of conception, the only other man she slept with was a man of mixed race, and the six year old boy is definitely [all black].

*scratches chin*

At any rate.

I already know what you’re thinking (if you are a rap fan and know of Soulja Boy and the female rapper “Diamond” that he was publicly linked to and had a confirmed a relationship with). And sure, I know you are reading this and are ready to pull a Kanye: “Way’min way’min I’mma let’cho finish but..”

…but listen: we’re just the messenger-the information source from sources.

We’re not going to turn our blog site into an MT II by doing patchwork (and solidifying relationships over close cheek to ear hugs and hearsay of sticking tongues down throats)…so we certainly won’t be doing any patchwork by telling you about any sticking between two people that (possibly) made a baby.

*sticks both hands out in surrender position and shakes head*

Hey. It could be very well that the irony of this situation is that although Soulja Boy did publicly confirm, date, and was linked to the female rapper Diamond (formerly of Cash Money Records); this Diamond Shantaneice MacKay girl (with the baby) could very well be just another Diamond in this rough [situation].

Considering the fact that it is reported that the Diamond in question reported to the welfare department that Soulja Boy was indeed the father, we’d like to conclude that these Diamond’s are too different Diamond’s. I mean, although the rapper: Diamond’s career with Cash Money Records was short lived, she was a member of {Crime Mob?} before them right…was it?

Either way, although she certainly did not represent in that 2009/2010 BET cipher, I don’t think her career and rapping was that bad that she would exactly qualify for welfare.

But who knows? We don’t. So we can’t say. We are not desperate. And through the humor and the quirky writing, we still take our blog and information very serious and won’t do fill-ins on bullsh!t. We are serious about being a popular culture information source you can count on for non-fu(kery, foolishness and “circus-actry,” so around these parts we don’t do patchwork and play connect the dots to fulfill what we hope, or wish to be true for a hot story. We simply admit what we know of, and don’t know of-for sure.

So on that note…………we’ll just wait for all the full G’s to come in about the Diamond’s and we will then shine it on you once we do!


Eye Spied at TMZ 

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