” Sorry Mrs. Carter ” : YesLIVCan – Woman Who ‘Spared’ BEYONCE The Side Chick Troubles – Has a Message For Her

YesLIVCan OTHERSIDEOFTHEFAMEYou may remember, around 2012/2013, a girl’s name making its rounds around the Internet (swarming heavily for around a day or two) when it was being reported that she could have slept with Jay Z but did not—out of respect for Beyonce.

Although claiming to have respect for Beyonce as an artist/woman/wife, it’s not really clear if Jay Z was just Beyonce’s “boyfriend,” or if their dealings/connection happened after the power couple got married, fact of the matter is: The girl made her way around the Internet with [what she felt] was a story to tell.

liv-cdFancying herself as an educated model who raps and wears many creative hats, the rapper (going by the name YLC/YesLIVCan) boldly admits that her premise and way-in [to getting herself out there] is by “keeping it real” with the people: rapping truths and fighting tooth and nail not to succumb to [what she says is typical in order to “get on”]: Sleeping with the bosses.

YesLIVCanConsidering who he (Jay Z) is to the industry and although YesLIVCan adamantly asserts her grind and gossip isn’t “just because,” the model rapper claims she wants to open the eyes and minds of the youth (and anyone else willing to listen and understand her plight)–to let the know there is a better way [than what she says goes on, on the ‘inside’ behind the glamour].

Although yes, she asserts she “models,” as well, she says she has a degree, owns a recording studio, and is a professional boxer who too, is guarded 24/7 “so don’t step.”

YesLIVCan The Invasion OTHERSIDEOFTHEFAMEWeighing in with a name for her YesLIVCan movement (“The Invasion”) LIV claims that she doesn’t really want any trouble, but basically can’t see lending her talents out to the world doing (what she feels) everybody else is doing: Faking it to make it and at the end of the day—aint making nothing worthwhile (is what her premise asserts).

According to our sources and pals over at PopSugar and Entertainment Weekly, and from what I’ve watched and listened to in order to sum + write this up, basically (via her rapping premise and prowess), she claims to stand for some things and holds no punches when taking a few shots at some industry well-knowns like Nicki Minaj, Kendrick Lamar, Diddy, and most notably: Jay Z [again, for what she says she could have been to, and done to the Carter machine had she taken him up on his offer to be his sidechick].

Beyonce laugh gif

Well, this time around and despite what the Carter’s are allegedly going through (whether breakup rumors are true or no), YesLIVCan decided she had something she wanted to say to Beyonce—Mrs. Carter, who (despite going public 2012/2013 and claiming to be respectful of enough to have spared Bey the sidechick drama she could’ve brought into her life) basically says this diss was because instead of Beyonce ingratiating herself to her public bomb-dropping, side-chick declining, honesty; she [Beyonce] dissed and dismissed her and…so it was written.


Do you agree with how she’s going about stickin’ and movin’?

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