Soon You’ll Be Able to Read LADY GAGA’s Poker Face and See if JAY Z Really is a “Business,” Man

article-0-1BA268FC00000578-30_306x423article-0-1BB2217000000578-762_306x423 Between Jay Z and Lady Gaga, we’ll soon be able to put to the test-both claims:

“Can’t Read My Poker Face” and “I’m Not a Businessman, I’m a Business, Man.”


It’s open sesame on these two and (if you’re interested) you may soon be able to gauge both their lyrical gallantry as being true (or no).

Both artists are just a couple of the many on the Def Jam label indirectly involved in a domestic wrangle where singer  Akon’s article-2568400-05CEDEC00000044D-1_306x467brother article-0-1BDA290900000578-414_634x846(Def Jam exec Abou Thiam, 34) is involved in a nasty child support dispute with his ex-wife Ariel Hakim who, according to reports, is having subpoenaed-all the financial records by which he’s involved and invested [in]. rihanna_ jeezy That roster includes the likes of Rihanna, Young Jeezy, Kanye West, Chris Brown and Lady Gaga:

  • Salaries paid
  • Commissions
  • Bonuses
  • Expenses
  • Business Tax Returns
  • Documents of Business Deals
  • Evidence of Gifts, Loans, and Other Compensation

Thiam claims to have only earned $30,000.00.

Hakim believes Thiam’s earnings has increased since their first child support agreement was established by the courts.

article-0-1B8A24FD00000578-576_634x751 All financial records from the split date (May 2010) through to the date of the custody trial (April 7, 2014, in Georgia) are being thoroughly combed through so that Hakim can make Thiam pay more child support for their daughter’s care. She is demanding a complete review of his financial earnings, including what he is paid from his being employed by Rihanna, Young Jeezy, Chris Brown and LadyGaga. However, it is being reported that the odd-man out in this may turn out to be non-other than Kanye West–we won’t be able to read his Poker chips.

Some “inquiring minds” want to know. And well, click here, for the actual court records (courtesy of our pals at Radar Online).

Source: Radar Online

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