Some Literal, Pure Sweetness This Valentine’s Day ♥

Babies learn to feel emotion by the tone and sound of the voice.

Soothed babyThey can easily pick up anger, or joy. When they cry, they even have varying tones and octaves to express physical or emotional pain-either way, it’s never good to yell or talk in a loud tone of voice to calm or combat a baby’s cry. All this plays a BIG part in that bay’s emotional (and mental) health later.

It’s also been proven that when mom’s talk to their babies, it’s best to talk to them without a pacifier in their mouths because they study mouth movements in order to learn what’s said and what’s going on. But when a baby is out in the world with mom (in a stroller facing the world or being held and looking over mom’s shoulder), then it’s okay to put a binky in the baby’s mouth because you don’t really want the baby picking up other’s varying emotion and words.

No matter how hard they try, the binky blocks the that communicative transmission and babies tend to be a little more aloof and distant when picking up words and emotion (when they have a pacie in their mouths). Their in their oral (then phallic, then latency) stages of life still. So their mouths (for them) are their eyes, and all senses practically. They use their mouths to try and mimic and take in everything: every emotion, every word-all that, from who, or whatever their eyes are focusing on.

That being the case, check out what happens when this baby’s mom begins to beautifully sing this beautiful, soothing, song during the baby’s feeding (and take note of how the baby’s eyes dilate).

Whether it be because the song itself is spiritual or not, this indeed is quite a spiritual moment.

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