So OREO Has Slimmed Down For You – Let’s Review All Their Scrumptious Cosmetic Changes Over Time Shall We?

Talk about skinny-fat.

Soooooooooo after all changes we’ve been through Oreo wants to “slim down.”

I get it Oreo: we’re a vain society at all costs and by any leans necessary.

Let’s review your scrumptious cosmetic changes, through thick to………. thin shall we?


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Needless to say and without further adieu, Oreo has taken a slim approach to the famous snack delicacy that’s rested in many or our little clear plastic baggies and stuffed in our mommy-made lunches with love.

And so now that they’ve fattened us up a little, they wish to empress upon us and ingratiate themselves to us with the gift of a new slim and trim cookie to savor.

Dear Oreo.

I’m not an avid cookie eater (and chocolate chip hater unless oven-baked and burned to a crisp) it’s like my dream cookie with Nabisco/Chips Ahoy: I’d be in some real serious trouble if they made Chips Ahoy without the chips. Scouts honor!

And well, Oreo…if YOU made Oreo—without any flavor in the center, just the cookie (and thin like you unveiled)….you’ve got yourself a future fatty.

Won’t you please?

I’ll wait.


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