SMART CARS Belly-Up in Columbus From Trend Called URBAN COW TIPPING

compromising position. I can vouch for that. And here I thought I had it bad once upon a time while standing on my balcony with my crazy boyfriend below in the driveway lifting my little Honda-threatening to turn it over and drop it: “leaving it sitting on bricks” Phrew. I feel their pain. Oh the horror).

download (5)  Well, residents on 8th street in the city, first discovered Smart Cars from a company called Car 2 Go-all flipped over [on their sides].

Alison Cummins, a Smart Car owner, who too was a victim of having her car tipped stated: “They picked up the front and pulled it basically perpendicular to the way it was supposed to be. Which, you know, it’s not a big car, but on a one-way street, it blocked the road,” she recalls.

Although it’s almost hard not to laugh while thinking of walking out, or driving by seeing a or a sleuth of tiny little cars tipped over onto their sides, Cummins begs pranksters to leave her little guy on the ground onto its four little wheels please: “I know it’s funny, but please stop, ” she asserts.

On a serious note however, as stupid, bored (and funny) an activity as “Urban Cow Tipping” may be, the fact of the matter is: It is a crime. And although they haven’t managed to find any of the vandals as yet, they need be aware they could be charged with felony vandalism.

Be smart guys.

images (8)  Smart Car owners: Watch out.

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