SMART CARS Belly-Up in Columbus From Trend Called URBAN COW TIPPING

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 What’s an urban town to do when there are no sleeping cows around to have their sleep disturbed by bored folks running by to tip them over and wake’em up eh?

Well Britney Jean Spears of Kentwood Louisiana’s version of cow-tipping is happening in Columbus Ohio—to Smart Cars: known [now as]: “Urban Cow Tipping.”

download (7) The cute, gas-saving 1,800 pound car (weighing about what a cow may weigh) was made, and is bought by consumers and thought to be quite the economically smart thing to invest in-both for themselves, and the environment (and ozone layer).

None of the Smart Car owners in a Columbus town ever would have thought they’d ever walk out to seeing their precious tiny, eco-friendly pieces of metal would be laying on its side-almost belly up.

(I completely understand and I feel their pain. Nothing’s more an awkward feeling than seeing your little car in a

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