Small Plane Crashes Onto I-285 In Atlanta, Killing 4


Drivers and witnesses riding along I-285 during he rush hour of the morning were met with quite the surprise when they saw a small plane flying low as the red lights just above the entry to I-285.

The Piper PA-32 had just taken off about a mile away from DeKalb Peachtree County Aiport carrying four passengers:

The pilot: 53 year-old Greg Byrd along with his two grandsons Christopher, 27, and Phillip 25 and Christopher’s fiancéL Jackie Kulzer was too, aboard the small plane and among the fatalities.

The family was on route to University of Mississippi for a [today-Saturday, May 9] graduation ceremony for the pilot (Greg Byrd)’s younger son Robert.

Witnesses say the plane hit the cement median on the highway and burst into flames. The area was nearly too hot to get near.

Miraculously, there were 0 injuries among the rush hour drivers on the I-285 stretch of highway where the crash took place.

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