Singer ADELE As “Jenny” Impersonates Self In Front of ADELE Impersonators + See Her Upcoming SNL Show Promo – Could She Be More Than Just Musical Guest?

12234922_548944371927468_801442620919232594_nMost times, when it’s love rather than a hater imitating, imitation indeed is the best form of flattery and no doubt-the love for Adele is showing and proving here of late.

Having left the scene for nearly five years and out with a new album and new leash on life, love and her feet planted firmly to the ground on ‘fame’ the famous singer is well aware that until you’ve been Halloween costumed, imitated in drag or simply imitated, you aint done nothin’ “famous” until you somehow live on forever and vicariously through someone else.

One thing for certain and two for sure though, no matter how imitated one can be, the true original canNOT be duplicated.

Adele, teaming up with the BBC’s Graham Norton, proved just that.

Take for instance a few Adele imitators who, although could pull off the look as closely as realistically possible, could not quite compare via voice—that is, until ONE Adele imitator stepped onto the scene and could. Guess who? Adele, herself (as “Jenny”), dressed as an impersonator who, when the “impersonator” began belting out notes like only the real Adele can, took the real impersonators quite by surprise:


Lol! Remember the tip I tweeted about Rapid Coginition? (That 1-2 second window to arm or disarm people)

…This is a real-life example.

Check out how serious (and uninviting) “Jenny” was when the girls turned to introduce themselves and in that 1-2 second window I told yous about, “Jenny” curtly introduced herself (around the 1:16 marker of the video) LoL. Oh gosh so funny:


Mosey along however, and watch in its entirety as “Jenny” takes to the stage and too, takes the stage (over) by surprising her fast-foes turned friends as it all unfolds.

Considering her humor, it would be good to see Adele on SNL (Saturday Night Live) not only singing, but too, participating in a couple of skits, right? Well although we see she would probably do just fine, from the looks of things, she’s going to stay in her lane when she appears of the show as musical talent guest along with Matthew McConaughey and Cecily Strong.

Check out their promo:

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