SINEAD O’CONNOR Stands By ARSENIO HALL Having Dealt Drugs To PRINCE – Laughs At His Lawsuit Against Her

let get put out until this is all out on the table.

Referring to Hall’s [quote] “laughable threats” [end quote], O’Connor asserts s
he is looking forward to Hall trying to prove her wrong and stated she doesn’t like drug killing musicians and to, stated [that the] DEA is racking up all of Prince’s friends, aides and all with knowledge, information or participation in his thirty-year [quote] “KNOWN history of hard drug use” [end quote].


Sinead-OConnor-2While all scratching our heads on this as, for many of us who are too young to know and only pretty much loved and knew of Prince’s music, now that he’s dead, the rumor mill is ablaze with reports of O’Connor (famous for covering his hit song Nothing Compares 2 U) had personal/private dealings with Prince that extended far beyond merely an artist lifting a song to cover.Sinead OConnor

I’m a blogger, and sometimes we bump into and get all kinds of tips, info and innuendo. Given the context of this particular blog, it’s not really necessary for me to elaborate on but I’m sure it’ll all come out in this ongoing saga.


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