Shoot Your Shot: Little Boy Takes Shot In The Paint In A B-Line Straight At CARMELO ANTHONY

Shoot your shot is an understatement.

Cuteness shot from the stands and into the paint without warning when a little boy made a B line straight from his seat onto court where The Knicks played the New Orleans Pelicans in New Orleans Monday night at the Smoothie King Center, Russ Bourgeois.

The unidentified little boy threw himself onto Knicks player Carmelo Anthony and quickly put his arms around the tall, towering ball player who, like all else, was caught quite by surprise.

As “unfortunate” as the scene may have been to the commentators who were nearly appalled that the little boy “got away with that,” although Carmello acknowledged the spontaneous show of affect was definitely a security issue, after seeing it was merely a little boy, he didn’t seem to mind-no harm and no foul.

What’s now known as “The Calvin Klein Law” prohibits persons from walking onto the court during games. Those who cross the line are subject to arrest and fines.

Knicks and Raptors Calvin Klein and Latrell SprewellRewind.

Knicks players must have that affect on people.

In 2003 at a game in Madison Square Garden, the fashion designer walked onto the court in an attempt to chat it up with then (ironically, too) Knicks player Latrell Sprewell which prompted law prohibiting such acts.

Look on the bright side dark side, we still have grown, adult people running onto many a courts and turfs in the buff for nothing other than “crazy” –leaving game officials job cut out for them: The daunting task of trying to grasp some strangers, slippery, stink nude body to haul a$$ off court.

At least the little boy was fully clothed and merely wanted to simply hug his favorite basketball player.


Although the boys favorite and his team lost 91-99, he won big. Here’s a recap:

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