{Sess On The Beach} MADONNA’s Daughter LOURDES’ Smokin’ Good Time With Friends in South of France


Lourdes and Madonna OTHER SIDE OF THE FAMELourdes, and by whom the 17 year-old is a spawn [of]: Madonna-have had a whirlwind past few months.

It seems as though after Mother’s Day May, June through July; the pair prepped and celebrated big: Lourdes’ prom then having graduated high school.

From there, the Material Girl, and daughter (slash) head of her “Material Girl” clothing line, took to University of Michigan to put ‘em all on notice that Lourdes would be attending Madonna’s Alma Mater this upcoming school year.

With Madonna having [had] a birthday August 16 and preparing to drop her 13th studio album (tentatively called “Rebel Heart”), she took her entire family, friends, and many of their friends to the South of France where they are all vacationing and living it up.

Timor Rocco and Roccos Friends

Madge’s Synchronized HIM-mers:

In sync alongside the side of the pool, Timor (Madonna’s newest boy toy), then Rocco and his friends struck a pose for the Vogue singer.

Lourdes, who turns 18 years-old this October, was spotted out having a lil’ sess on the beach while talking to a girl friend of hers along with a male party (although behind her) very much apart of party as well-looking on awaiting Lourdes to obey the “puff-puff pass” protocol.

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