SERENA WILLIAMS Arrives in Cincinnati For Western Southern Open & Could Even Get A Locker – WTH?

SerenaWilliams wins her 6th Wimbledon

Serena Williams is playing at the Western Southern Open in Cincinnati this week, and you would think the first order of hospitality would be for the champion (who while there, could make and break a record) would get first dibbs at… a locker at least, right?

Well, unfortunately it didn’t work out like that as, Serena posted to her social media account:

“Sooooooooo today they told me no more lockers left for me @venuswilliams and @carowozniacki I am going to share yours lol #noteanoshade #triggerfingers


How in the WORLD could something like happen!?

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History would have it that someone pee’d in Arthur Ashe’s shoe during competition. I’m guessing these are mental attempts to upset you and knock you off your square? Guess it’s like that only when you’re a winner.