Self-Efficacy And The Importance of Self-Awareness As Personal Development Skills

at least those types have come to a kind of truth with themselves that gives them a blank space, clean page, and new canvas from which to start, while the rest are on and about hustle and (1)

These types, in my opinion, have an awesome advantage (especially after reading this article J and by taking heed to these next few words as being key): In a world like today, (whatever it is that you are doing or wish to do) the reason why being okay with ‘still trying to find your way’ is that you have an advantage of (beforehand) asking yourself this key and important question: “Am I doing, interested in, or about to embark upon-something that I am doing for attention or from intention?”

A lot of times (we delve into things that we THINK we are interested in) because it sounds cool (and garners a lot of attention).

With the ways we can put our lives on display, it’s easy to think we have a talent/skill for or keen interest in something that we can put on display that seems cool (versus) being interested in and having a knack, talent/skill for other things that don’t seem that “cool” and “put on displayable.”

When taking the time out to hone in on yourself (and be centered in self), you are better able to discern [what you are doing/about to do] for ‘attention’ (extrinsic reasons) of from ‘intention’ (intrinsic reasons).

And what you will find is, when whatever it is you are doing (or will do) is from intention, you will have hone in on it such that you don’t seek validation that (like today) we are conditioned to seek (to validate who we are or what we do-and in turn, measure our worth by that).

You will find that when what you do and who you are is truly from intention, what you have built is a full-proof wall of indestructible strength and security that its climb or penetration can only be by invite (versus intrusion or infiltration: emotionally, mentally, spiritually or even literally so).

Wherewith, the freedom and ability of produce and reproduce from your sacred abundance flows, like water.

It’s MUCH easier to be distracted, sidetracked, frustrated, and knocked off your square when your start was birthed for attention rather than from intention.

But when it’s the other way around, you are your own force, effortlessly.

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