Second Home Invasion in 2 Months for CHRIS BROWN: This Time, Home Robbed w/Aunt at Gunpoint – Believed To Be Inside Job



One would think that after a night out and coming home to a strange intruder having eaten and walked barefoot about around your home only to be found wrapped and snug in your bathrobe—that’d be enough to put the clamp down on any and everything having to do with the sanctity and privacy of ones home, right?Chris-Brown-Receives-Advice-From-Mike-Tyson-665x385

Well, not that this early morning home invasion had anything to do with Chris Brown’s IG pictures (of a large bedroom he converted in a huge clothes and shoes closet) that sources say he posted on Instagram–but the fact of the matter is: His home was robbed, and this time with his aunt inside and at gunpoint.

TMZ is reporting that Brown’s mom feels it was an inside job but regardless, it’s 2015-let’s keep it real. In this lifetime, no matter how much you love, treat and they are your equal; no one is your friend who is either not clear on, or at the same level you stand in success, ambition, having it, got it or on your way to it.

As well, regardless of how many minion’s “ohs” and “ahs” are fonted beneath the dugouts of these Instagram pages, Twitter timelines and Facebook dungeons, no man is your friend-despite the reinforcement of posting and sprinkling the glitter and goings on in your life that they seem to be “positively” living vicariously through.

There is a fine line in all of that called that bottom line on all this: post, proceed and personally associate with caution because whether it be an inside job or no; better placement and precautions in associations is top priority (and obviously) better judgment a close first when flossing on the Internet and the ‘Gram.

No man is an island any more than no man that doesn’t feel (for himself) he is leveled with you is your friend. If he isn’t employed by you or feel employed with you, he will always feel his only function is imploring you-and will eventually floor you.

In 2015 (rich and famous or not): Your close associations and friends in 2015 (and people in general) wear a completely different brand of angst, wear a different face and a different heart pre-Internet age (even without and having nothing to do with you per se).

And in your circle in this day and age: People do not share your joy unless they are sharing in your joy.

Therefore you cannot entertain + let everybody know where you sleep at night–if you want peace at night.

The bright side to all of this: No one got hurt and what’s lost can be replaced.


Chris Brown may want to talk to the “friends” who set him up for failure and told him Karrueche wanted to meet up with him that one night…had him out at the club looking like a plum fool! That’s who dunnit.

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