“Scream Queen” ‘s KEKE PALMER Opening Up About Sexuality in Recent Video Causes Mouths To Drop

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Surely somewhere in Tinseltown “Akeelah and the Bee” (Keke Palmer)’s movie dad Laurence Fishburne is turning over in his grave life somewhere frowning (or indifferent at best by now) as, the then, pre-teen actress turned (short time) youngest television host (at age 21) is now 22 and just stung the world with a new revelation that she may or may not be bisexual.

Without revealing details (that both claimed were only between them both) having talked around the many conversations and advice given to her by her muse and veteran Fled and What’s Love Got To Do With It legendary actor, I can only imagine the advice about the perils and pressures of Tinseltown (and the repercussions of falling prey to it) being high on that top secret conversation.


Fast forward, now, at age 22, and straight from seeing Palmer on the big screen as Akeelah, then a Tyler Perry movie, it was quite a shock to see her (nearing 21)all skin-on the covers of magazines, it was as if the time from preteen to nineteen happened overnight and Keke Palmer had officially grown up as fast as soap opera children.

Other than being possibly linked to couple of “who is” in compromising positions, connected to a bad boy or two in R&B, alleged seated-toilet nudies being linked to her and being raked across the coals for some of her fashion and style choices by her fair-weather fans, still, Keke Palmer managed to stay above water.


Here of late however, the singer-actress has been delving into her musical muse and recently released a video in October called I Don’t Belong To You–depicting her as having relationships with both a man and later a woman. As it turns out, Palmer may have been trying to tell us all something that now she made clear (when asked if

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