{Say What?} MATHEW KNOWLES Talks BEYONCE’s Bio Pic, L’OREAL Skin-Lightening Scandal & Strategically “Acquiring” Relationships w/BEYONCE’s Competitors Like MARY J. BLIGE’s that Ultimately Had He & BEYONCE Tied to Her MARY’s Business Moves



imagesAlthough Mathew Knowles obviously wasn’t invited to give his daughter Solange away at her recent wedding and since then, a couple weeks ago, he held a rummage sale practically giving away memorabilia of his famous daughters (Beyonce) and even selling Solange’s CD for under $2; Knowles surfaced again-doing a 20-minute interview with WSJ (Wall Street Journals’)  Lee Hawkins.

mary-j-blige-kendu-isaacsIn the interview he discusses the humble beginnings of Destiny’s Child and the strategy behind how he grew and multiplied MusicWorld Music group by securing relationships with big names stars’ management + and deals that eventually had he and Beyonce tied to business moves made by her competitor Mary J. Blige (2003) after having secured a business relationship with Blige’s manager/husband Kendu Issacs.download (1)

As well, Knowles secured relationships with other big named stars’manager’s like R & B singer Mario, Nelly’s, and a few others.

Three years before departing ways with her father as her manager, Beyonce faced rumors that in order to secure the lucrative L’Oreal deal she had, she was asked-and agreed to-whiten her skin.


Well Mathew finally speaks out about the scandal but too, but as you’ll see in the interview, Hawkins makes it clear he’s not gossip reporter so he [“doesn’t care about the personal lives of celebrities”]. And if you know anything about the Wall Street Journal, its premise is pretty much centered around business, money, world news and subcategories under the same.mathew-and-dc3

So although in this interview, Mathew who, as well, is preparing to bring Beyonce’s story to the big screen, is pretty tamed during (for the most part), he talks about his role in Destiny’s Child  as the two men discuss the business behind the business, his business with Beyonce and his entertainment group: MusicWorld.

When asked what his biggest regret was: “putting Jagged Edge on that tour bus,” was his answer.

If you don’t know the history behind that, it’s reported that the R & B singing group: Jagged Edge got into the heads of two of the original members of Destiny’s Child (the two to the right of this picture–LeToya and LaTavia) and somehow, they convinced the two girls they were getting the short end of the stick which ultimately was the cause of [the original group]’s demise. As well, he asserts that the full story (and all the public doesn’t know about it) will be a poignant part of the movie.dfc42f2150bf99df_large-520x340

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