Saved By The Bell’s LARK VOORHIES Marries -Warrant Out Hubby’s Arrest, RICK ROSS Bonds Out Self + Cellmates, JOHN STAMOS DUI + Rushed To Hospital, MARY KATE & ASHLEY OLSEN Decline Full House Reboot-Celebrate B-Days Today

On April 30, via a small, private ceremony; Saved by the Bell actress “Lisa Turtle” (Lark Voorhies, 41) reportedly got married to Pasadena, California music engineer named Jimmy Green, 31 at a Las Vegas chapel.

The couple had been dating for a year after meeting on Facebook.



Reportedly, the two do not live together and plan a bigger wedding next year-open to their friends and family.


Nothing like a blast from the past come back to haunt you during your time of bliss is it?

An incident in 2012 (Tucson, Arizona) reared its ugly head involving Green, in which he was accused of threatening to kill a store clerk and “break the store” after tossing a cell phone into the wall because the store clerk’s refusal to accept return of it. Green was charged with criminal threats and disorderly conduct. His failure to appear for the hearing was the reason why a warrant was issued for his arrest.

“We are obviously concerned about the allegations and we are looking into the matter,” said Lark’s rep Jennifer Wolfson.

Although Lark has been dating for a little more than a year and this incident occurred even before meeting Voorhies her rep reported “Lark feels these allegations are not true and would like this cleared up as soon as possible.”

Over the years since Saved by the Bell, Lisa had done a few smaller movies roles and guest appearances on some other popular sitcoms, married and got divorced from comedian Martin Lawrence and later-had been the talk of concern stemming from fluctuating changes in her appearance and bizarre interviews. Later reports [given by her mother and denied by Lark] began surfacing that she was suffering from an unspecified mental disorder that her mom said was unexplained by her doctors because sometimes her episodes result in her shutting down into a quiet and long blank stares. Somewhere from that, the media (so used to hearing “bi polar”) latched on to media-diagnosing Lark with that.Bm5ainfIgAA6MyM



Reportedly, although many of her fans are happy for her new news, they are hoping her new life and bliss is the real thing and that all is well with her these days as, it was just news December 2014 that, (on Facebook) Lark posted this pic of herself and asking for prayer.



Speaking of which (as we reported to you earlier this week), rapper Rick Ross was arrested on misdemeanor drug charges in Atlanta after being pulled over for a tinted window violation.

Well according to sources, Ross made good use of his Graybar Motel stay and too, obviously enjoyed himself while in-reporting that it was tough not eating the carbs being presented to him as a delicacy during his short stay (If you don’t know, Ross lost over 100 pounds recently and has since, taken on a low carb diet andlifestyle).

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While doing his little couple days stint in the Georgia jailhouse, four pieces of bread tested his willpower but Ross said he resisted.He did however, break bread with some other cell mates that helped him pass time: When he bonded out, he turned around and bailed them out, too.918b527b62b81479c6f8bd03c4ccae73ad055839

It comes down to this: Either you truly wish to be blessed by God or praised by the people-choose one.

Having said that-although the best good deeds are those discovered, searched, found (or told from the recipients of which the deeds were done for or concerned) the fact of the matter is, he did it.  Awesome, nonetheless!


Full House alum John Stamos offers some great advice that even I swear by, and here-five days later-had he adhered to it, there would be no blog of us all knowing what he did, and where he spent last night.11425224_492674937554412_7718601719269237019_n

1511404_492666894221883_8285995598237631431_n (1)Stamos was actually lucky having gotten pulled over for driving recklessly in California last night around 7:45 p.m. because as it turns out, his arrest may have saved [not only innocent driver’s lives last night] but too, the stop and life he saved may have been his own. Reportedly, cops noticed something more than being drunk was wrong [with the driver in the silver Mercedes driving in Beverly Hills at the corners of Santa Monica Boulevard and Beverly Drive who identified himself as Stamos].

Immediately, cops saw that John, 51, needed medical attention im-meed-jatly and Stamos was rushed off to a nearby hospital via ambulance.

Welp, it’s always business as usual and not unusual to awaken in the hospital handcuffed to the hospital bed after a bad night (should the business that was at hand need to be continued-no, that doesn’t just happen in the movies).

Although that sort of thing did not happen to John, cops did cite him for that misdemeanor DUI that, had he not required medical attention, he was due for, regardless. In memory of the help they summoned for him, Stamos shant forget 9/11 (2015) as, that is the date he is scheduled to be arraigned at the LA Superior Courthouse to deal with said charges [mis-d DUI].

John Stamos has dealt with alcohol in the past and thanked everyone for wishing him well. As well, he thanked Beverly Hills cops for calling for care, and Cedars Sinai for their care.

The actor is currently working on a Netflix reboot of the popular 90s show: Full House called “Fuller House.”


Reportedly, Bob Saget and all the other actors from the showed signed on with the exception of the two main characters who, although said little on the show, were popular fixtures from their baby-bed view:1374269246Fun-Club-Stuff-ashley-and-mary-kate-olsen-19702856-810-975-581x700

Close twin sisters Mary Kate and Ashley-who elected to sit this one out on the Fuller House reboot. olsen-60934887475_xlarge

The girls are somewhere out in the world today celebrating their 29th birthday today.


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