Harlem Shake: Screaming Crowd Watch SHARPTON Greet SANDERS At SYLVIA’s

Just around the corner from Bill Clinton’s office on 125th Street in Harlem, soul food restaurant: Sylvia’s was home to some fine dining indeed this morning.Ca3C7nNUAAA4DLt

The popular restaurant graciously provided closed of space at its table for Vermont Senator (slash) Presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders and social and political activist Al Sharpton.

Complete with Sylvia’s (brand) hot sauce stuck out there-leaving it up to either if after sampling the soul food delicacies (like Beyonce)-should Sharpton or Sanders decide they’ve got that “Hot Sauce in my Bag Swag,” as a Sylvia souvenir, it’s on the house and theirs for the taking.

Al Sharpton, sporting a slim and trim physique these days, walked up to greet Sanders who stepped out of the Chevy Suburban in front of a large roped off screaming crowd of native New Yorkers watching the political pair head into Sylvia’s.



Sanders is up and at ‘em this morning straight off

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